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Membership Rules:

    1.     Members are expected to treat each other cordially and in a helpful and courteous manner, given most of us have taken up the hobby to relax and enjoy keeping and breeding exotic tropical fish.   Flames, foul language, and related misconduct will not be tolerated and may result in termination of membership. 

    2.    Members that sell fish to other members and to non-members through must ship the purchased fish within (5) days of receipt of payment, except if the arrival date may fall upon a weekend or holiday, at which time the selling member MUST notify the purchaser by e-mail or personal phone call of the reasonable delay and then establish the arrival date.

    3.    Breeder and pet shop members who do not fulfill the orders for which they were paid and who do not respond to our member referred inquiries within 48 hours will be terminated, de-listed, and where there may be multiple examples of apparent consumer fraud, may suffer further penalties which may include referral to the FTC, the FBI/DOJ and other appropriate authorities for fraud and all other appropriate causes action.  This could also include the postal authorities, given the potential of such multiple violations could be considered mail fraud.

    4.    Breeder and pet shop members must respond to order status inquiries within 24 hours, if received during business hours.  In event inquiry occurs on a holiday or Sunday, then no more than 48 hours must lapse before the inquiring members receive their reply.  Members who are having difficulties receiving a prompt response from a breeder or pet shop, from whom they ordered and paid, should contact us immediately, if they do not get a prompt, reasonable, and courteous response or the fish/products they ordered.  We'll take it from there.

    5.    Those members who make claims they ordered fish or supplies, that may be ultimately shown were attempting to obtain free fish or supplies, will be terminated and may face some of the appropriate actions described in Rule # 3 for fraud and attempted theft.  We'll protect the breeders and pet shop members too.

    6.    Members who contribute fish and articles may be granted free memberships and other considerations in exchange for their participation.  We believe that all extra efforts to make, a membership in it, and the increase in the enjoyment of the hobby by all, should be given special considerations and recognition of all of our appreciation.   Plus, they are usually the very last people to treat others poorly, or be a problem-child of any kind.

    7.    Members who may receive extremely rare or wild stock of species, which are of limited supply, may be chosen to receive free pairs of said rare and wild caught species, contingent upon successfully completing a brief competency quiz and additional criteria, for purposes of species maintenance and distribution of the F1 generation to other members, who have been approved for said receipt by, based upon competency and related criteria.  Members chosen to receive the rare and wild stock, in addition to the successful completion of the exam, may be determined by additional criteria, such as experience with similar species, publication of articles, years of experience, and other criteria based upon the best chance for production of successful breeding stock.  Members receiving rare or wild stock on this basis will also be required to write and submit an article to Aquarium-Club.orgto be published and distributed at the discretion of  Thus will provide full editorial support to these author species maintenance members.  Members receiving free wild or rare stock may only distribute the F1 generation to other members and may not charge more than $5/fish, to off-set their food and maintenance costs. Members receiving the rare & wild caught stock, or their F1 generation stock, will be responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

    8.    We reserve the right to accept, refuse, or terminate any membership with prejudice (meaning those refused or terminated members may be permanently denied the opportunities of a membership.)

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