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Membership Benefits

    A membership with Aquarium-Club provides for many additional information, services, and advanced and enhanced functions, including answers to questions, listing fish available, help and assurance in finding quality fish and products, and much more..  Check out all of the added benefits available to all members and complete the form below.  Our Members Only services and features include:

  •     Family and Kid Friendly Web Sites - our members are all nice and decent people, who are members of Aquarium-Club to receive the many benefits, notably to make a lot of friends with the polite and decent people who enjoy their aquariums and tropical fish hobby.

  •     Our Monthly Newsletter - containing latest site news, links to new articles, sales specials, a brief list of fish available, and the opportunity to sell fish and supplies.

  •     Discount Prices on Rare, Exotic and Show Quality Tank Raised Tropical Fish - our professional breeders, pet shops and distributors often sell their fish and products to their other fellow Aquarium-Club members at great savings and with special sales announcements.

  •     Access to Listing on Our Fish Wanted Page at all applicable Aquarium-Club web sites - Find the rare and exotic tropical fish that your local fish shop may not have access to and you'll never see at WalMart in a million years!

  •     Access to Listing on Our Fish Available Page at all applicable Aquarium-Club web sites - List up to 3 species of fish that you have for sale.    Customers reach you directly.  Additional species for a nominal fee (Available only to approved breeders & distributors).  Non-members have access to this page also.

  •     Access to rare and wild stock populations - Members have access to breeders and collectors of the wild stock of rare species.  Members who have profound competency and proficiency may be selected for species maintenance and distribution of the successful F1 generation, upon completion of objective criteria and at the discretion of

  •     Access to Members & non-members with Additional Advertising - Members (Distributors, Pet Shops and Breeders) save 10% on all additional ads, beyond those that are part of their level of membership program.

  •     Access to Chatrooms & Message Board - Chat with others who raise the same fish that you do and exchange tips, tricks & ideas. 

  •     More Detailed Articles - Read more detailed articles from world renowned experts about the species of fish that interest you.  Or contribute one yourself, we provide the editorial support.

  •     Aquarium-Club Aquarium Society - Automatic preferred membership.  Receive notes of specials and organized chat sessions regarding the species of fish that interests you.

  •     Ask the Experts - Have a sick fish or question about your fish?  Members have access to the experts and other professional members for the answers.

  •     Chances to Win Exotic Fish - Automatic entry for a new pair of fish to be raffled off each month.  Up to $100/pair in value!  Other special contests as breeders, pet shops and distributors make these available through barters and promotional programs.

  •     Listing of Fish Available for Auction - For Listing General Members and all commercial members.

  •   List Your Available Fish for Sale on Multiple Web Sites - If you are a professional breeder member of Aquarium-Club, you can send us your fish list, price list and shipping charges and we will create a listing for you and a link to your web site and/or e-mail address at:,,, and

    Your membership fees and purchase of Aquarium-Club brand products and fish through this web site help to pay the tremendous operating costs, including hosting and bandwidth, of a site this large, with this many photos downloading for viewing and with as much monthly traffic as we get. 

    We wish and we are pleased to continue to provide all of our visitors/friends with access to information, photos, and to buy aquarium products and exotic, rare, and beautiful fish from around the world.  Therefore your subscription memberships are deeply appreciated and are as beneficial to us, as we try to make Aquarium-Club beneficial and of a great value to you; not only for our registered free users/customers, but even the more so for our general members and our breeder/commercial members as well.


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