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Aquarium Club FAQ

1.    Why does charge a membership fee and limits access to free users, when there are so many free web sites?

    The answer to this question is for many reasons and we know you will agree, as you consider the following:

    A.    You Get what you pay for

    1)  How much money and fish have you lost, or have heard others loosing, because they followed some advice they got from someone on the web, on some unmonitored or long abandoned forum board, or in a chatroom?  How many more times than $29.95 is this?

    2)  How much more than Aquarium-Club's small membership fee have you overpaid for aquarium supplies in the past year?

    3)  How much more did you spend for a fish than may have been necessary?

    4)  Have you or someone you know been dissatisfied with the fish you bought on line from eBay or another site, where the breeders are posting their fish for sale for free?

    5)  If your answer to any of the above is "YES", then you already agree that $29.95/yr. for quality information, high quality fish, low prices on aquarium supplies, reliable information, peace of mind and the opportunities to make many quality friends is indeed a BARGAIN!

    B.    We get to control who sells fish, how they treat their customers, and we can also assure the highest quality and health of the fish sold through

    C.    We can pre-screen and then remove, when unfortunately necessary, any member who is abusive, destructive, uses foul language (we are a family friendly club) or otherwise detracts from the value and the experience for all club members.

    D.    We do not sell or share the names or any information regarding anybody who is a member of to anybody for any marketing or mailing list purposes

    E.    You are not bombarded with pop-up ads, just trying to get basic information

    F.    You will never be bombarded, nor will you ever see porn SPAM, gambling offers, and every other kind of offer unrelated to tropical fish come through us to your e-mail.

    G.    We can better assure the highest quality of advice from seasoned professionals and well-experienced hobbyists, who post in forum boards and help Aquarium-Club members with any and all customer service issues

1.    Why so many different membership levels?

    A.    Because everybody has different needs and as we have so many visitors, our bandwidth usage (due to photos) is higher and growing every month

    1)  Our General Members need to find reliable information quickly and to be able to buy common tropical fish and the rare or hard to find species, along with the best prices for aquarium supplies.  Since this describes most hobbyists, we determined that $29.95 for a year would help us with our huge costs to maintain and grow this club, which benefits all hobbyists.  We also determined that the average aquarium hobbyist would save many more times this each and every year, by being members.

    2)  Our Breeder Members are benefited by our large number of members and free user traffic, thus as they make money, they should have to help maintain the club, its web sites and servers.  Our rates to them are low, so that they can keep the price of their fish lower, which benefits everybody.

    B.    We have determined membership level prices, based upon needs and resources usage, however, we have done so while keeping our costs down and also providing a value to all, either in the form of savings, or help in the prevention of loss of fish and money.

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