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    Are you a professional tropical-fish breeder, pet shop, or distributor of aquarium products and pet supplies needing more visitor traffic and sales?

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Aquarium Industry Facts.

    Tropical fish and aquarium keeping is a very stable and growing pet market.  To get an appreciation of the industry's size and rate of growth, please consider that in 1999 estimates were that hobbyists kept over 100 million in the U.S. alone, with Canada, Europe and Asia both having far larger markets of aquarium hobbyists.  The 1999 figures also show that of the approximately 11 million aquarium hobbyists in the USA only at that time, 40% own two or more fish tanks. 

    The aquarium hobby has grown since these 1999 USA estimates and 60 million world wide hobbyists estimates to approximately 3 times of the 1998-2000 figures, this reflecting the increase in the number of common aquarium fish exports from South America alone tripling to 60 million fish/year during this period.

    Although there were not statistics of any single source verifying the actual global number, but calculating known figures and known growth/exports rates, a conservative estimation was that as of 2002, there were over 100 million tropical fish hobbyists worldwide.   Even at that time, fish/pets comprised a minimum of a $25 billion per year industry in the USA alone.

    The aquarium and pet trade in 2006 has grown to $38.4 billion per year industry in just the USA.   In the USA in 2006 there are 360 million pets, with 165 million of these being cats and dogs, in 69.1M (63%) of households.  45% of households have more than one pet.   Of the remaining 195 million pets (54% of pets) in the USA, most of these (148.6 million) are aquarium tropical fish.

Breakdown of pet ownership in the U.S.  Source

Number of U.S. Households that Own a Pet (millions)

Bird                              6.4
Cat                             37.7
Dog                            43.5
Equine                          4.2
Freshwater Fish           13.9
Saltwater Fish                 .8
Reptile                          4.4
Small Animal                 5.7

Total Number of Pets Owned in the U.S. (millions)

Bird                              16.6
Cat                               90.5
Dog                              73.9
Freshwater Fish           139.0
Saltwater Fish                 9.6
Reptile                          11.0
Small Animal                 18.2

    PETsMART and Petco combined only have 15% of the market (PETM made over $300M profit in the first quarter of 2006), thus there is plenty of room in the market for others to make significant profits from on-line and in-store sales to those owners of about 150 million fish, which is 2.5 times larger than the number of fish pets at the beginning of the decade. 

    From our own surveys at, we have found there to be a rapidly growing segment of the population (worldwide) between the ages of 36-50, who are starting into the aquarium hobby for the first time and the internet/web to be fueling this development with exposure to information and increases in customer awareness/confidence with the expansion of information and other resources provided on-line.

    Fears of terrorism and economic conditions have caused people to stay home, invest their improvement and entertainment dollars in their homes, and as pets and decorations are a natural choice for these dollars, the tropical fish hobby is going through a growth period, as it has historically done, during periods of economic downturn or concerns.

Our Pet Supplies, Aquarium and Tropical Fish Web Sites Include:

General Aquarium: - Our main tropical fish web site - Tropical fish information - General Aquarium Information - Rare killifish, cichlids and show guppies and bettas
Aquarium-Fish-Biz - Freshwater and saltwater fish and supplies. - Tropical fish and aquarium supplies for sale from pet shops and breeders - Breeders of tropical fish, notably show guppies, champion bettas, killifish, African cichlids, angelfish, discus and dwarf cichlids. - Tropical fish information also with tropical fish and aquarium supplies available. - Tropical fish and aqaruim information.

Bettas - Breeders of champion bettas and betta information -
Breeders of champion bettas and betta information -
Breeders of champion bettas and betta information

Cichlids - Freshwater and saltwater fish for sale - Breeders of angelfish, including varieties such as silvers, golds, blushings, koi, black, marble, marble lace and black lace - Breeders of the various strains of discus and discus information

Guppies - Show guppy breeders - Show guppy breeders - Show guppies for sale

Killifish - Killifish breeders and information - Killifish breeders and information
- Killifish breeders and information regarding the aphyosemion genus of fish
- Killifish breeders and information  regarding the fundulopanchax genus of fish

Saltwater/Marine/Reef - Saltwater aquarium

General Pets  - Complete on-line pet supplies and our related web sites currently receives more than 150,000 unique monthly visitors with over 260,000 monthly home page views and 940,000 total hits for all pages, with our regular customers visiting on an average of a little more than twice a week.  The average length of each visit is 30 min. to 1 hour, with the average number of pages viewed per visit being 8. 

    The number of first time hobbyists between the ages of 36-50, who are starting their first aquarium, has recently increased dramatically, with the number of first time visitors in this group increasing by 60% on a weekly basis.  We also enjoy a large volume of loyal repeat visitors, some who have made us their #1 tropical fish resource for over 5 years. 

    We are generally very well known and respected in the tropical-fish hobby all around the world, and our members and visitors buy fish and supplies through us with confidence.  If you are a commercial breeder of tropical-fish, pet shop, or supplies distributor with high quality fish/products and customer service; we are eager to make your fish/products available to our loyal members and visitors.

    To advertise tropical fish and aquarium supplies with us and make your web site, supplies, products, fish or services available to our members and general public visitors, you will need to become a professional member of   Our professional breeder, distributors and pet shops members then can advertise on any one or all of our web sites, with very affordable and cost effective packages.

    Please select the appropriate Membership Level and then Join us on-line today.  Commercial memberships come with at least one banner ad to be placed on the appropriate page.  Ads appearing in common borders (all pages) are also available and are negotiated with commercial members by contacting:

    Need a web site, use of our Visa/MC merchant account, want to sell pets and pet supplies directly through us, or other advanced commercial e-commerce services?  Contact:

This page was last updated on 03/22/11.

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