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General Articles and Other Sources

General Breeding 
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Aquarium News Groups  Aquarium Societies  Public Aquariums

   We will be hosting many articles and sources for more information, so stop back often.  We welcome any contributions and suggestions you offer. 

Some Suggested Links:

Animations of Bettas from CICA
Aquarium Geographic - Natural biotope tanks
Betta ListServ Instruction Page
Catalogue of South American Cichlidae
Caecilians Web Site ("Rubber eels" "Black eels")
Cichlid Home Page
Cichlid-L Listserv Archive
Cichlid-O-File New World Cichlids
Cichlid Power
Cichlid Research
The Cichlid Room Companion
Desert Fishes Council Pupfish Info
Discus-L (Discus Listserv) Home Page
The Discus Page
The Goldfish Sanctuary
Guide to South American Cichlidae
The "Jurupari" Project - Will the real eartheater please stand up?
Liisa Sarakontu's Tropical Freshwater Aquaria Page
Ode to the Platy
Something's Fishy
Tankbusters - big, aggressive & freshwater
Trevor Stocki's Fish Page
Zebrafish Information
Zebrafish Information Server

And More Links:

AquaLink Aquanaut Image Library Aquanet - Fresh & Saltwater Aquarium Information
*.aquaria thread compilations by Jeff Poehl
A Terse Map of the *.Aquaria FAQs Aquaria Web
Aquariums as a Hobby - VERY general beginner intro.
Aquarium Global Resource
Aquatic Realm
Cory Search: Index of Internet Aquaria Resources
A Fine Kettle of Fish - Taxonomy
FINS - Fish INformation Service
Filtration Selection Guide
Fish FAQ
Fish Link Central
Fishroom Facts
The Fishroom MUD
FishWeb of Charlotte N.C.
Foam Bath Fish Time
Home Prepared Fish Foods

Ichthyology Resources - for those with more scientific interests
JAWS - Just Aquarium Web Site
The Krib
Macintosh Aquarium Conversion How-To PetStation
Pez's Aquarium Page (DIY Stuff)
Reef Trader's Outpost
Underwater World at Pathfinder
U.K. Fish on the Web
US Fish & Wildlife Service
US Nonindigenous Aquatic Species
Usenet *.aquaria FAQs lists and other mailing lists you can join:

    Aquarium Society
    the fish tank

Yahoo Clubs you can join:

    Freshwater Aquariums
    Tropical Fish
    Tropical Fish Club
    Tropical Fish Forum

Please feel free to write us:

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