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Temp. Range:   68 - 80�F.
pH:   6.5 - 8.5

dH:   5.0 - 19.0
Adult Size:    2.5" - 3" (females larger than males)
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Scientific Name:   Lebistes reticulatus  also Poecilia reticulatus
Native Region:    Central America, Mexico, Venezuela, Caribbean area.
Temperament:    Community.  Peaceful. Excellent for community tanks, for children or others who are starting their first aquarium.  Great way to explain the "birds & the bees".
Feeding:    Will do well with standard flake food, but some live foods, live & adult brine shrimp and bloodworms will enhance color, size and reproduction.
Sexing:    Males are far more colorful and have longer fins.  They also have the modified anal fin typical of livebearers.  Females are usually much larger and are a drab olive/silver.
General Comment:    All around a great starter fish and their are those who continue their interest into the genetics and breeding of exotic strains as a specialty in their hobby.  1 tbs. of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of water is highly recommended for guppies, as with all tropical freshwater fish.

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